Tea & Spice Specialty Chai was humbly founded by two mates ... with no pretence, but simply a common passion for drinking and making chai. One of them used to be in the coffee industry for 12 years and the other had a love for cooking and blending unique flavours together... and so began the story of how Tea & Spice was created.


Beginning in 2013 by creating Tea & Spice Chai Latte Powder, their goal was to provide the cafe industry with a chai powder that had less sugar and more spice.


Then in 2016 they were proud to launch Tea & Spice Handcrafted Chai, which is their take on what the industry calls "wet" or "sticky" chai. It is handmade by small batch in Melbourne, using 100% Australian tea leaves, and 12 other specially chosen spices and ingredients from various countries including Indonesia, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. 

Tea & Spice was humbled and honoured to received Fine Food Australia 2016's Best New Product award for their Handcrafted Chai. They are so excited to have been recognised with such high regard by a reputable industry leader such as Fine Food Australia.


As you taste Tea & Spice Handcrafted Chai, you will notice that it's not just your standard spice flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and cloves. But instead, it will take you on a very unique journey, beginning with a distinct touch of the very Australian lemon myrtle leaf, followed by flavours of goji berry and coconut, and finishing with the calming and lingering warmth of chilli and ginger.  


The boys are passionate and crazy about good chai, and they hope you can taste it in every cup!